TENEVENTS, 2023 (Ongoing)

Unfolding over the course of 2023, TENEVENTS collates quarterly releases towards a four-part publication concerning news media, the form of content and our contemorary relation to the archive. 

TENEVENTS lays out the newspaper as a historical subject, retracing a long history that considers attention and vision. Following tendencies of the diptych in his work and the form germane to the newspaper format, Poole offers juxtaposed histories that will collect and constellate ten events from the Montreal Gazette’s archive, culminating in a 16 page ‘broadsheet’ folio in October 2023.

This first quarter’s edition sets the Gazette’s coverage of the closing of the Montreal Star, in 1979, next to its coverage of the 1989 solar flare induced Great Quebec Blackout.


P.A.R.C. is a monthly print publication produced in black and white laser-jet on a single piece of broadsheet newsprint paper. Both an open acronym and a prompt, the project invites contributors to imagine the format anew with editorial and artistic propositions.

P.A.R.C. Is published and distributed by Parc Offsite, Eli Kerr in Montréal, Québec Canada.

Each copy is printed on demand and available at the cost of production.

Q 1
January , 2023