Blind Pilotage, 2020
Exhibition Documentation
16mm film + HD Video + Kinetic Sculpture

The exhibtion Blind Pilotage was originally shown at the University of Toronto Art Museum in 2020.

The exhibition catalogue essay was written by Dehlia Hannah and Nadim Samman.

Dry Dwellers of Eternity (Carla’s Island), 2020
3:30 min 16mm film loop with commissioned soundtrack by Mitch Renaud, scanned and sampled from Nelson Max's original 16mm copy of the film.
Dry Dwellers of Eternity (Offshore Operations Simulator), 2020
10:30 min HD video loop with sound. Filmed at the Center for Marine Simulation in St. John's Newfoundland.
The Far Splendour of the Yara Birkeland, 2020
Kinetic sculpture
Gimballed brass oil lamp holder, servo motors, microcontrollers, ceiling mounted mast

A custom playback device for a recording of the simulated motion of the first electric and autonomous container ship, the Yara Birkeland.